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What is
Some URL like: is long use the service of you can generate the link as a shortened on. Share the shortened link, make your post neat and earn profits form it!

Is there any requirement to join
No, you can share any article, since its shortened by, you can earn profits from it.

What kind of link can I use?
Every link on the internet.

How much can I earn?
You can earn USD$ 1.6 ~ USD $ 4.0 with 1,000 visitors.

How to get paid?
You can find "CASH OUT!" buttons in your dashboard, when you reach the minimum payment USD$ 10, you can apply for the PayPal check out.

Want to earn more?
You can find your "Referral Code" in the dashboard, share the code to others, once someone registered through your referral code, you can earn its 10%~15% revenue. This profits is given by as a bonus, it won’t effect the revenue of the new registered member.


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